Our areas of expertise

We support you in the following areas of expertise:

General civil law

Labour law

  • Advice on all issues of labour law and associated problems e.g. notice of termination and protection against dismissal, severance payment, notice of warning, judicial and extrajudicial representation

Architectural law

Medical Practitioner’s Liability law

Building law

Inheritance law

  • Advice of the testator, of the heirs,
    Testament and succession structuring, forced heirship, lasting power of attorney, living will

Corporate law

  • Rights of partnerships and legal persons, disputes at shareholder level and between kindreds, foundation law, business contracts, in particular with regard to corporate transactions, change of legal form, demerger and merger

Intellectual Property and Copyright

  • Mark law, competition law, copyright law, design law, utility model law, licenses and know-how contracts

Commercial Law

  • In particular, the rights sales representatives and authorised distributors

Debt collection

  • Debt collection, foreclosures at home and abroad, debt collection procedures (Switzerland)

Insolvency law

  • Advice and representation in the areas of ordinary bankruptcy, consumer bankruptcy, debt reorganisation and insolvency law in general

Rent law

  • Judicial and extrajudicial representation of tenants and landlords, commercial tenancy law, leasehold law

Tax law

  • Tax planning in the private as well as corporate sector, tax efficient contract design, preparation of tax returns in the private as well as corporate sector, legal remedy and litigation, annual financial statements & accounting, monitoring of audits, restructuring and conversion, transactions, international tax law, tax criminal law

Criminal law and administrative offence law

  • Advice in preliminary proceedings, defence in criminal proceedings and legal representation as a joint plaintiff; misdemeanour cases in connection with driving licenses

Road traffic law

  • Advice in accident cases, settlement of claims with the involvement of insurance legislation

Company succession

Corporate transactions (M & A)

Transport law

Association law

Contract law

  • National and international contract law

Water law

Competition law

Economic law

  • Advice to companies with regard to all legal issues and contractual matters, in particular corporate purchase, quality assurance agreements (QAA), joint venture contracts, cooperation contacts, distribution contracts